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Christian Ministry Partners

Revival - Outside the Walls



Revival…Outside the Walls is a non-clergy/lay led ministry operating with great respect but outside the walls of the traditional church…to bring purpose and excitement into the daily lives of every follower of Jesus Christ. Founded by Barry Meguiar whose passion for his business, his life and for God is contagious and renowned. As the third generation leader of his family business and the host of Car Crazy Television on Discovery's Velocity Channel, he's learned how to sail thru insurmountable odds by "Living in the FOG…The Favor of God."


As the world falls apart and the end of time grows closer, it's time to get excited about Heaven. Before we know it, we'll be standing in front of God at the beginning of forever. In light of eternity, it's a nano-second away.

What a privilege to be alive and to know the Lord at this moment in time…and how urgent it has become to prioritize the salvation of every family member, friend and person who comes under our influence before the end comes.

Join with believers just like yourself in the ultimate team sport that is more fun and more rewarding than anything else in existence.

God's call to love Him and share Him with everyone under your influence has new urgency in these last days.