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April 12, 2023

In this week's episode of Defending Faith, Family and Freedom with Gary Bauer, Senior Vice President of Public Policy at the James Dobson Family Institute, Bauer lays out what he calls the 'blizzard of lies,' swirling around today's children. He says that virtually every scientific study is showing a drastic decline in the mental health of America's youth. The reason, according to Bauer, is because American Marxists, inside government agencies, public schools, and universities, have declared war on the fabric of the family, by calling into question every pillar of truth that has held civilization together for thousands of years. There are no longer two genders—male and female. Rather, there are hundreds. Biological women may be men and vice-versa. And if you disagree, you are a bigot, a menace to society, and you must be canceled. It's no wonder kids are bewildered and depressed. Bauer beckons Americans to never kneel to these godless forces. To cower would be to lose our constitutional republic and all that we hold dear. These are indeed “the times that try men's souls. You won’t want to miss this important podcast as Bauer pleads with patriotic Christians to join the battle to save our great nation.