"Both good marriages and bad marriages have moments of conflict, but in healthy relationships, the husband and wife search for answers and areas of agreement because they love each other."

–Dr. James Dobson

Back from the Brink of Divorce with Larry Wright


On this episode, Larry Wright will share his testimony of how misplaced priorities and alcoholism left he and his wife teetering on the edge of divorce. Find out what ultimately saved their marriage and transformed their relationship.

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On this broadcast, Larry and Sue Wright share with Dr. Dobson how their own selfish motivations jeopardized their marriage. Learn how their marriage was saved and how the Lord restored a father's relationship with his daughter.

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11 Marriage Killers You Need To Avoid - blog by Dr. James Dobson

Question: Dr. Dobson, would you identify some of the major "marriage killers" that are most responsible for the high divorce rate that plagues today's families?Continue reading »


Forgiveness - video by Dr. James Dobson



Dr. Dobson shares a story of an unfortunate man's near-death experience to illustrate how deep-seated resentments can keep us from completely forgiving someone. He closes with an excellent definition of forgiveness that he borrowed from psychologist Archibald Hart.

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What If They Choose To Leave? - blog by Dr. James Dobson

Question: Dr. Dobson, my wife has been involved in an affair with her boss for six months. I've known about it from the beginning but just haven't been able to confront her. Melanie acts like she doesn't love me anyway. If I give her an ultimatum I could lose her completely. Can you assure me that that won't happen? Have you ever offered the love must be tough advice and had it backfire, ending in divorce? Continue reading »


Commitment in Marriage - video by Dr. James Dobson



Dr. Dobson talks about how the emotions of a romantic love will come and go, but a "commitment of the will" is the source of all stability in a marital relationship that will last a lifetime.

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Is Love Enough to Make a Marriage Succeed? - blog by Dr. James Dobson

Love can be defined in myriad ways, but in marriage "I love you" really means "I promise to be there for you all of my days." It is a promise that says, "I'll be there when you lose your job, your health, your parents, your looks, your confidence, your friends." It's a promise that tells your partner, "I’ll build you up; I'll overlook your weaknesses; I'll forgive your mistakes; I’ll put your needs above my own; I'll stick by you even when the going gets tough." Continue reading »


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kindness challenge

The Kindness Challenge: Thirty Days to Improve Any Relationship

What's a simple thing that everyone can afford and is guaranteed to improve any relationship? In fact, you probably have this powerful tool with you right now. It’s kindness, and Shaunti Feldhahn says it’s a superpower that could change the world!

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Night Light for Couples

Night Light for Couples

Whether recently married or celebrating your golden anniversary, you need regular, quiet moments with your mate—time to renew love and intimacy with each other and with the Lord. Night Light for Couples, by Dr. James Dobson and his wife, Shirley, will help you do just that!

Love Must Be Tough

The Kindness Challenge: Thirty Days to Improve Any Relationship

You've forgiven a thousand times. You've bent over backwards to make your spouse feel loved and accepted. But the only reward for your loyalty has been anger, indifference, infidelity, or abuse. Your spouse may even be ready to walk out the door. Do you feel like all is lost? Are you ready to give up? Well, there is still hope!