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A Message from Dr. Dobson

As we all know, many Americans are bitterly divided today, both conservatives and progressives, Democrats and Republicans. Sadly, we are plagued by hatred and strife. In that tragic environment, I will point you to the words of Abraham Lincoln, spoken on the occasion of his second Inaugural address, March 2, 1864. The war had 13 months to go, and the North would eventually achieve victory. Lincoln had said years earlier that, "This government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free." It would take a terrible Civil War to resolve that conflict. During that struggle, 600,000 of his countrymen would die, both from the North and South. The death toll of that 5-year war exceeded the combined total of all the war-dead in our nation's history. Nevertheless, Lincoln showed deep compassion and concern for both friend and foe. Read these words and ask yourself if this should be our attitude toward those we now oppose. Here is the conclusion to the address written and delivered by this great statesman:


"With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan—to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and a lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations." 


America, we must show charity in our day, as we have done what is right, as we see the right. We must say with Mr. Lincoln, "With malice toward none and charity for all." Win or lose, may we show a spirit of compassion to those with whom we passionately disagree. May we maintain a spirit of kindness to all men and women. I believe that is what our Lord, Jesus Christ, would require of us.


Thanks, everyone. Voting in this election may be your greatest gift to this marvelous, free and democratic society. Hebrews 12:1 reads, "We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses." Could it be that many of our forebears will be watching as we protect and defend what they purchased with their blood? Now it is our time to defend the heritage they bequeathed to us.


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Those of us who are passionately committed to the Judeo-Christian system of beliefs are losing our kids right before our eyes. They are being force-fed a radical curriculum that is godless, anti-American, and sexually perverse. Make no mistake, the left and secular culture are manipulating the minds of your sons and daughters every day of the year.


You have the obligation to protect your children with your very lives. And for this reason, you must be extremely careful about those whom you set in power over them.


Each presidential campaign has been important, but some have had jaw-dropping and nation-shaping consequences. I believe we are at such a pivotal moment now. For this reason, I plead with you to register and vote in this presidential election. I won't try to tell you who to vote for because you can figure it out for yourselves.


But I will suggest how you might evaluate the situation we face. Below are links to some resources; I pray you will evaluate this information carefully and prayerfully, and then go to the polls.


Please share the August newsletter with everyone you know—your family, friends, church members, and community. It is a now or never moment in our nation's history, and Christians must let their voices be heard.


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Critical Issues


Critical Issue #1 - The Next Generation

There is a fierce battle being waged now in our nation's classrooms for the hearts and souls of our children and grandchildren. Make no mistake, the left and the secular culture are manipulating the minds of your sons and daughters every day of the year. Read Now »


Critical Issue #2 - The Sanctity of Human Life

All life is sacred and is a gift from Almighty God. Sadly, however, many people in our society no longer understand or acknowledge the sanctity of human life. Read Now »


Critical Issue #3 - Marriage and Family

Marriage serves as the foundation for every dimension of human life. Everything of value rests on it, including procreation and the care and training of children. Read Now »


Critical Issue #4 - Religious Liberty

The first item listed in the Bill of Rights within the U.S. Constitution addresses the issue of religious liberty. Read Now »


Critical Issue #5 - The Judicial System

Thomas Jefferson warned repeatedly about the emergence of an out-of-control judiciary that would destroy the Constitution and, along with it, America's fundamental freedoms. Read Now »


Critical Issue #6 - Capitalism v. Socialism

Democracy and capitalism have made our nation the most powerful and successful in the history of the world. Read Now »


Critical Issue #7 - The Nation of Israel

The Jews are God's chosen people, and Israel is covenant land given to the Jews by Jehovah as an everlasting possession. Read Now »




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Never before has there been a more critical election than the one our country is facing on November 3rd. The political parties' platforms and ideologies are in stark contrast with one another and present two opposing visions for our nation's future. This is not the time to be silent or to stand idle!

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