Faith Votes - Religious Liberty


The first item listed in the Bill of Rights within the U.S. Constitution addresses the issue of religious liberty. All the other enumerated rights flow from that fundamental freedom. Our founders knew that our newly formed Republic would survive only as long as a religious and moral people upheld it. That is why it is alarming to recognize that this right to worship and honor God in all sectors of life is under vicious attack today.


The courts have done the greatest damage, but now an entire sub-culture is trying to bring down the Christian faith. It was this primary concern that led to the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War in 1776. We can't compromise one jot or tittle within that fundamental right. We must fight for it with every ounce of our strength and determination. We cannot remain silent when vicious and raucous mobs or political agents seek to cancel what we hold most dear.


Those who oppose religious freedom have a devious agenda, and it is paving a perilous path for our nation. Be ready to go to the mat in defense of what you believe. And let this passion influence how you cast your ballot in November. Here I stand. Will you join me?


Below are links to some related resources. I pray you will evaluate this information carefully and prayerfully, and then go to the polls.



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