Faith Votes - The Next Generation


There is a fierce battle being waged now in our nation's classrooms for the hearts and souls of our children and grandchildren. Make no mistake, the left and the secular culture are manipulating the minds of your sons and daughters every day of the year.


In some schools, children are also taught homosexual propaganda, sexual liberation, and other unbiblical and revolutionary concepts. While parents think early public education is about reading, writing, math, and social studies, many boys and girls are being taught concepts that would have horrified earlier generations.


Of the many dimensions of our culture that alarm me, this is the most troublesome. It is twisting and warping millions of present-day children. In addition to what they are being taught at school, their parents are also being indoctrinated with the BIG LIE. It is a multigenerational effort. In some states, such as Colorado and California, moms and dads are not even permitted to opt their children out of the disturbing curriculum. Not all public schools have taken this leftward swing, but those that have will soon "own" the minds and souls of vulnerable boys and girls. Does that disturb anyone but me? It keeps me awake at night.


Yet there is hope. But it will take commitment, and it will take immediate action.


Those of us who are passionately committed to the Judeo-Christian system of beliefs are losing our kids right before our eyes. They are being force-fed a radical curriculum that is godless, anti-American, and sexually perverse. You have an obligation to protect your children with your very lives. And for this reason, you must be extremely careful about those whom you set in power over them.


For this reason, I plead with you to register and vote in this presidential election. I won't try to tell you who to vote for because you can figure it out for yourselves. But before you cast your ballot, find out what positions the candidates have taken on the critical issues. I pray you will evaluate this information carefully and prayerfully, and then go to the polls in November. The next generation is depending on us.


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