A Fun, Easy Way for Your Church to Share the Gift of Christ With Your Community

 The Dr. James Dobson Family Institute has launched a new nationwide outreach program

designed to make it easy to share the gift of Christ during the Easter season.

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Why should your church give Life Baskets™?

  • Motivate your church to engage in outreach.
  • Help your congregation lovingly reach the lost for Jesus.
  • The invitation to your Easter services along with a small Bible offers a new relationship with our Savior.
  • Bless your community and introduce them to your church.

The goal of the Life Baskets™ program is to encourage families in your congregation to give a thoughtful gift to a neighbor and a warm invitation to attend Easter services.

These simple, fun-to-create, and easy-to-give baskets are a great way to introduce others to Jesus Christ. There's no pressure put on the neighbors. Instead, they feel the love of Christ from the gifts given to them in their Life Basket™.

It doesn't matter if your congregation is small, medium, or large—and it doesn't matter if you try to do a big Life Basket™ Campaign or keep it simple. You can determine what's best for your church. Here are some ideas:

  • The easiest way to get started in Life Baskets™ is to simply introduce your people to the idea and give them a link to our website. Put an announcement in your bulletin, e-newsletter, or website and encourage the families in your church to create a Life Basket™.
  • Host a Life Basket™ event at your church and invite everyone to come and build their baskets together.
  • Supply your parishioners with the names of families in the area. Perhaps these are families that have visited recently, shown an interest in the church, or told your leadership about specific needs they may have. Reaching out to them with a Life Basket™ will show them how much you care and encourage them to be a part of your family.
  • Create your own custom invitation and hand them out to your church. Encourage the families to place the invitation in the Life Basket™. Then ask the Lord to bless the family giving the basket, to open the hearts of the family receiving the basket, and to bring great fruit from your church's Life Basket™ ministry.
  • Churches can often purchase Bibles in bulk cheaper than individual families can buy them. For instance, has Bibles available by the case. Consider buying an allotment of Bibles for your church to distribute in the Life Baskets™. You can determine the version you purchase.

There are a lot of ways your church can bring the blessing of Life Baskets™ to your community. We pray you'll reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please share your ideas with us. What works, what doesn't work, and how you may do things differently in the future? Please let us know what we can do to help improve your Life Baskets™ experience.

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