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Life Baskets 

Introducing Your Neighbor to Christ Has Never Been Easier – Or More Fun!

Let us introduce you to an easy and fun way to share the love of Christ with your friends or neighbors – Life Baskets™. When you create and give a Life Basket™, you bless them with wonderful gifts, introduce them to Jesus Christ, and invite them to enjoy a loving Christian community at your church. Life Baskets™ are a fun activity that you can do with the entire family.
Life Baskets

What Is a Life Basket™?

Life Baskets™ are essentially Easter baskets with a mission: To bless your friend or neighbor with goodies and offer the hope of eternal life in Jesus Christ.


Give to Your Neighbor

Your neighbor can live on your street, work at the same office, or visit your local pregnancy center. The mission for your family: To find one other family (or more) to introduce to Jesus Christ.

Church Involvement

Church Involvement

Life Baskets™ are an incredible opportunity for churches to encourage their families to reach the community for Christ. Find out how your church can give Life Baskets™.

How to Create a Life Basket

The beauty of a Life Basket™ comes through your own creativity and desire to bless your neighbor. We encourage you to include an invitation to visit your church on Easter Sunday, a small Bible, and a gospel tract. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless. Here are some suggestions.


1. Find an Attractive Basket

You can start with an Easter basket, or you can use anything that will make a creative presentation. Avoid going too big, as you'll want to fill it with goodies. Don't make it too small either, so you will have enough room to bless your neighbor. 


2. Include a Bible and a Gospel Tract

You might have a favorite Bible translation that you want to give. We recommend one that's easy to read. Give some thought to whom you're giving it to. For instance, you might consider a large-print Bible if someone in the family is elderly. Or, if the recipient has young children, you could give a children's version with great illustrations.


3. Include an Invitation to Church on Easter Sunday

Use this opportunity to invite your neighbor to join you for church on Easter Sunday. They will likely be attending somewhere, so why not with you? If your church is participating in this outreach, the leadership may have invitations already printed.


4. Fill With Gifts and Goodies

Select the gifts and goodies for the basket based on what you know about the friend or neighbor you've chosen. You might consider a medium to large "wow" item for the entire family. This could be a gift card for dinner out, a game they can play together, or packaged coffee/hot chocolate and mugs. Whatever you choose, consider how it will bless them. Then add inexpensive fun toys (if they have children), candy, or any of the items in our list of suggested gifts. If you find something really special, please share it with us and we'll include it in our list for others to consider.

"Love Endures" bookmark
"My Love For You" bookmark
"Be Courageous" bookmark
• An item from the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute store
• A Mark Middleberg gospel resource: The Reason Why
• Access to The Chosen programming
• Lee Strobel's book, The Case for Christ
• Billy Graham's tract, Steps to Peace with God or tracts found at The Pocket Testament League
• The EvangeCube by E3 Resources
• Snacks or candy adults would appreciate
• Snacks or candy kids would enjoy
• Grocery store gift card
• Clever game
• A delicious family dessert (no nuts, as some people have allergies)
• Gift certificate for a family-oriented restaurant
• Hot chocolate packets
• Bag of coffee — We suggest buying it from a Christian company rather than from places that are openly hostile to the gospel. Here are some to consider:

o Seven Weeks Coffee — Gives 10% of all sales to pregnancy centers
o Hope Coffee
o Great Commission Coffee
o There are many others. Please share your favorite places to purchase pre-packaged coffee with us.


5. Pray

Most importantly, we encourage you to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thess.5:17) for the family who will receive your Life Basket™. Three letters in the word "basket" remind us to "ask" God for His blessings. Specifically, ask Him for:

• direction for who you should bless with this gift
• wisdom regarding which items to include in the basket
• the family to be receptive to the Good News of Jesus Christ
• the gift to be a blessing
• the individuals to be willing to attend church on Easter Sunday
• a closer relationship with your neighbor and his or her family members

Finally, pray that communities across our nation will be transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.


6. Deliver Your Basket(s)

Delivering your Life Basket™ is the relationship-building part. If you can, take your entire family along. Enjoy a brief conversation with the person to get to know him or her better, but don't overstay your welcome. This is a great time to follow Jesus' principle to "love your neighbor."


Download How To Create a Life Basket™ PDF

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