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The Old Schoolhouse

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The Old Schoolhouse's (TOS) purpose is to equip parents to take back their children spiritually and educationally by supporting, encouraging, informing, edifying, and inspiring them. It is also to exhort new parents to keep their children at home from the very beginning, commencing at the birth of their precious God-given gifts.


Their vision is to advance the cause of Christ by strengthening homeschool families spiritually and academically. Beyond that, their mission is to see people come to know Christ as their personal Savior.


TOS believes that:

- Homeschooling is not just a choice; it is a conviction.

- Public schools pursue a godless purpose and agenda. Christian parents need to be lovingly warned about the dangers of the public education system.

- Homeschooling allows parents to exercise their God-given responsibility to educate their children spiritually and academically.

- Homeschooling strengthens families, ultimately strengthening the body of Christ.

- Homeschooling is a venue to impact the world for Christ.

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