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October 14, 2021

Abortion Stops a Beating Heart

People care about beating hearts. Perhaps that’s why pro-abortion activists such as Professor Carrie Baker feel compelled to lie about the heartbeats of the unborn. 

Professor Baker recently wrote an opinion piece regarding the Texas ban on abortions after a baby’s heartbeat is detected, which is commonly around six weeks gestation. She claimed, “Not only is there no heart and no heartbeat, there is no fetus.” 

To back up her cold, outrageous declaration, Baker added a link to a “basic embryology textbook,” but it appears the professor obliviously neglected to check her sources. In regard to unborn children, the textbook states that the “heart begins to pump fluid through blood vessels by day 20, and the first red blood cells appear the next day.”

Monica Snyder, executive director of Secular Pro-Life, agreed. She explained that “the biological reality is that a human embryo at 6 weeks gestation has a heart pumping blood through veins.” Snyder added, “If no one cared about embryonic hearts, there’d be no need for abortion rights activists to lie about them.”

The truth about life is clear, and advances in science are only magnifying the reality. And despite abortion advocates’ efforts to conceal it, the truth about abortion is also undeniable: it stops a beating heart.

Now it’s time to stop abortion!

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