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June 22, 2021

ADF’s Mike Farris Says Parents are Ready to Stand Against Politicization in Schools

"Parents have simply had enough of the politicization of their local schools and the attempts to turn their children into young but full-throated activists for the progressive movement," says Mike Farris, President of Alliance Defending Freedom.

He concludes, "School leaders are extremely serious about advancing their radical agenda. But parents who are complacent about many things will not sit by idly while their tax dollars are being used to indoctrinate them. Parents have a limit. Public schools have crossed the line."

It's no secret that our nation is in the midst of a war, and at stake are the hearts and souls of the next generation. As Dr. James Dobson has warned, "Make no mistake, the Left and the secular culture are manipulating the minds of your sons and daughters every day of the year."

Mike Farris believes parents are finally ready to stand against the "woke" agenda, and he sees signs "of an educational revolution that is stirring in communities all across the nation."

Are you a part of it? You are responsible to protect your children at all costs. This threat is not going away. Don't make your children face it alone.

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