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Defusing the Aging Process - Part 2

Guest: Dr. Kenneth Cooper

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October 17, 2023

Alan Sears Appointed to the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Alan Sears to the board of directors of the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute (JDFI). Alan has a wealth of experience as a board member for many faith-based non-profit entities, as a leader and a world-class religious freedom litigator. He was the founding President, CEO, and General Counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). During Sears' tenure, ADF experienced a 1.2 million percent growth to become the largest religious civil liberties law firm in the world, advocating and winning battles for religious liberty at the United Nations and on five different continents.

By God's grace ADF has won 15 cases before the United States Supreme Court. Sears built a network of thousands of allies and attorneys across the globe and launched the world-class Blackstone Legal Fellowship leadership-training program, now with 2,600 Fellows who represent 227 schools and 21 countries. They currently serve as judges, and in judicial clerkships, government agencies, law firms, and advocacy organizations across the globe, and academia.

Alan Sears is a committed Christian, husband, father, and grandfather. He has a deep love for God and the family, which he has fought for years to defend. We are honored to have Alan as the newest board member at JDFI as we strive to uplift and defend a biblical model of the family and impact this culture, country, and world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sears said, "The honor is mine as we seek to support marriage, family, and child-development that is centered on the eternal truth of Scripture."

Joe Waresak, President
James Dobson Family Institute

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February 23, 2024

LGBTQ Advocates the Desecration of Iconic Cathedral

America's churches are increasingly targets of violence and desecration from radical LGBTQ fanatics. Sadly, elected officials, particularly on the left, have been silent or slow to condemn the disturbing and unacceptable trend.

February 21, 2024

Who’s Killing Nigerian Christians?

The European Parliament has passed a resolution condemning the mass killing of Christians and the burning of churches in Nigeria. Better late than never. Much of Europe has said virtually nothing about the growing persecution of Christians in Nigeria, just as the Biden administration can't find its voice either.

February 19, 2024

Planned Parenthood Attacks Virginity

Planned Parenthood recently released a video aimed at our kids called, "What is Virginity?" An apparent "teacher" begins, "Virginity. What is it, and what's the big deal about losing it? Let me cut to the chase. Virginity is a completely made-up concept. It's a term that was created simply to control and shame people—mainly women. Mmm."