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April 17, 2023

America's Chance to Protect Female Athletes

House Republicans are launching a significant legislative effort this week to keep biological men out of girl's and women's sports and you can help! The bill is called The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act. It is scheduled to be debated in the House on April 19 when amendments will be considered. A final vote is scheduled for April 20.

The legislation simply states that educational institutions receiving Title IX funds, which were designed to ensure equity in women's sports, cannot "permit a person whose sex is male to participate in an athletic program or activity that is designed for women or girls." JDFI applauds this commonsense legislative action to protect female athletes.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Greg Steube, a Florida Republican, and has over 90 co-sponsors. It was approved by the House Education and Workforce Committee by a vote of 25 to 17 with every Republican voting for it and only Democrats voting against it.

Please call the Capitol Hill Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your congressman's office. Tell your congressman to vote "yes" on H.R. 734, the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act. Let's not allow the current administration to erase what it means to be a woman!

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March 04, 2024

NRB And Trump

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) 2024 convention in Nashville, Tennessee, was a great event. The JDFI team was there to tell over 1,500 attendees about the many new initiatives Dr. Dobson is launching in 2024. The enthusiasm level was gratifying as God continues to bless the ministry of Jim and Shirley Dobson.

March 01, 2024

Our Rights: From God or Government?

"… but the thing that unites them as Christian nationalists—not Christians by the way, because Christian nationalist is very different—is that they believe that our rights as Americans, as all human beings, don't come from any earthly authority, they don't come from Congress, they don't come from the Supreme Court; they come from God," Heidi Przybyla, MSNBC investigative reporter.

February 28, 2024

What Would the Presidents Say?

February is the month when two of our greatest presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, were born. Both of these great men loved America and loved God. I suppose they would be called "Christian Nationalists" today—and it would not be meant as a compliment. Here are just two quotes of what they thought about God and America.