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February 10, 2022

Apple Emojis Will Now Include "Pregnant Man"

Who says men can't get pregnant?

Not Apple. The global technology company has released the beta version of its next iOS update which features several new emojis, including both a "pregnant man" and a "pregnant person."

The fact remains, only women can get pregnant. Basic biological reality and common sense confirm this truth. But in this brave new world, truth is no impediment to "progress." So why wouldn't Apple want to embrace this fiction full force? After all, as we previously reported, a medical professor recently apologized for daring to suggest that only women can get pregnant. And the American Medical Association has passed a resolution to lobby for the removal of "sex designation" from birth certificates.

Here's the good news: reality doesn't cease to exist just because society refuses to acknowledge it. The truth remains… the only question is whether our conviction to it will fade away.

We must not give in or give up! The fight to restore the acceptance of God's design for men and women starts in our homes. Teach your children age-appropriate truth about how God created us male and female. You can begin by downloading our free e-book, "Are Boys and Girls Really That Different?" If you and I don't counter these lies with the truth, who will?

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