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March 06, 2024

Baby Olivia

The pro-life group Live Action, led by Lila Rose, has created an excellent educational video titled, "Baby Olivia." In just over three minutes, it shows the development of Baby Olivia in her mother's womb.

The video was developed with advice from six doctors, including experts in anatomy, biochemistry, and neuroscience. There's no activism in the video, just the facts.

It is so compelling that legislators in four states have introduced laws requiring that it be shown in biology classes. One state has already done so.

Predictably, the baby-killing industry is doing its best to ban it. Pro-abortion groups don't want students to see "Baby Olivia." It would disrupt their lie that what is in the womb is just a "clump of cells."

On a host of issues, the Left says, "Follow the science." But when we show the science, they fight like mad to prevent the public from seeing it, even what the early development of a human being looks like.

But something else jumped out at me.

These same people who are trying to ban "Baby Olivia" viciously attack parents who don't want their six-year-old children shown graphic material about human sexuality. They condemn parents who don't want drag queens in our schools. Anyone who opposes that nonsense is smeared by the Left as a "hater," a "book burner," or a "Nazi."

Now, here is the Left trying to ban science. Not only are they working hard to censor basic biological facts, leftist educators are actually teaching our children biological myths, such as the insane idea that a boy can become a girl. That's just false. DNA doesn't change.

The Left is also censoring classic works of literature and not teaching the real history of America. Radical teachers have effectively banned the Declaration of Independence by simply ignoring it.

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