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January 27, 2023

Baby Pesticides and the Culture of Death

The pro-abortion movement is still reeling from the overturn of Roe v. Wade and the ending of the legal fiction that there is a right to kill an innocent unborn child in our Constitution.

Struggling to keep the number of abortions as high as possible, pro-abortion forces in and out of government are going all out promoting "abortion pills," essentially powerful chemicals that destroy the developing life in the womb.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is so committed to destroying little human beings that he has instituted a program providing the "baby pesticides" free of charge. The goal is to provide 10,000 free abortions each year by using the pills.

Not to be outdone, the "feds" want in on the action, too. President Biden's Food and Drug Administration, since 2021, has allowed the pills to be taken by a woman without a doctor's supervision, in spite of the risks. And the highly politicized Biden Justice Department just decided the U.S. Postal Service can ship abortion pills anywhere in America, including pro-life states that restrict the destruction of life in the womb.

Both Walgreens and CVS have announced their intention to sell abortion pills in their drug stores. Will the two drug store chains and the USPS become America's biggest abortion providers as Planned Parenthood's abortion centers close in pro-life states?

The pro-life group 40 Days for Life has decided to peacefully demonstrate at CVS and Walgreen pharmacies in the weeks ahead. We pray for their witness.

The culture of death will not give up easily, and neither will JDFI and the millions of Americans who believe every child has a right to life.

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