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September 27, 2021

Biden Administration Does Bidding of Abortion Behemoth

Planned Parenthood backed Joe Biden for president to the tune of more than $45 million.

President Joe Biden is returning the favor by supporting the abortion giant's business of death.

Obamacare contains a provision that ensures taxpayers will not be forced to secretly fund abortion. During Donald Trump's presidency, he discovered that insurance companies were flouting the law. And his administration issued a rule demanding that insurance companies send separate bills for abortion coverage, thereby guaranteeing taxpayers were not forced to fund it.

Not only did the Biden administration reverse President Trump's action and allow abortion coverage to once again be hidden in premium costs, they did so in a way that violates regulatory process rules.


Consider the words of Roger Severino, former director of the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights:

"Planned Parenthood is desperate to hide abortion surcharges from consumers because they know transparency and truth is bad for business."

The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway, who uncovered the administration's shameful actions in a recent article, had this to say:

"… the Biden administration [is] flouting the regulatory process in order to push through a massive financial favor to the powerful and lucrative abortion industry."

Americans deserve better than Planned Parenthood. And they certainly deserve better than an administration who will take actions under cover of night to support the abortion industry's continued slaughter of innocent children.

Your voice matters. So does your vote!

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