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June 03, 2021

Biden Administration Seeks to Push Religious Groups Out of Title X Program

The Biden administration has made no secret of its desire to advance abortion across the nation and the world. And now a proposed rule from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) makes it clear that the administration is more than willing to coerce religious organizations to support this culture of death.

HHS is considering a proposed rule change that would force health clinics that receive Title X funds to provide abortion referrals. This change would reverse a 2019 rule implemented by the Trump administration which prohibited Title X fund recipients from performing abortions or providing abortion referrals. It would also force religious family planning providers to either violate their beliefs about the sanctity of life, or drop out of the program.

Denise Harle, Senior Counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, said, "[T]he revised Title X rule compromises healthcare professionals' freedom of conscience by requiring Title X participants to refer patients for abortion and contraceptives." She added, "the revised rule would force religious family planning providers out of the program because they can't in good conscience abide by the government mandates."

Roger Severino, the former director of the HHS Office of Civil Rights during the Trump administration and current senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), condemned the suggested rule change as a "favor to the abortion industry and big abortion."

President Joe Biden and his Democrat friends are committed to advancing abortion and are willing to eliminate any "obstacles" in their path. The only question is whether we are equally committed to taking a stand for life.

Groups including the EPPC, Students for Life, and the Susan B. Anthony List submitted public comments in opposition to this disastrous rule prior to the deadline for such objections. Now we must pray. Join us in praying that God would intervene and prevent this evil, and that He would cause men and women in this nation to come face-to-face with the sanctity of every human life.

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