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October 27, 2023

Biden Is Policing Pronouns

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is one of the largest federal bureaucracies. Its budget dwarfs that of the Pentagon and it employs more than 80,000 people. Because of the massive scope of HHS, its policies have a huge ripple effect throughout the entire federal government and the country.

So, it's noteworthy that President Biden's HHS recently directed all employees to speak the language of the LGTBQ+ crowd or be fired. All HHS employees are now required to use the "preferred pronouns" of other employees who claim to have a "gender identity" that doesn't match their biological sex.

If employees "misgender" someone or refuse to lie by not calling a man "she," they risk being accused of contributing to "an unlawful, hostile and discriminatory environment," and they will be fired. In addition, transgender employees can use whatever bathrooms at HHS they choose, effectively ending privacy for female employees.

This radical policy was never presented to Congress. It is a blatant violation of the First Amendment and runs afoul of recent Supreme Court decisions that make it clear that individuals cannot be compelled to say things they do not believe.

It's no coincidence that this policy is being imposed at HHS. Dr. Rachel Levine, assistant secretary of HHS, is the highest-ranking transgender individual in the government. Levine is also a leading advocate of mutilating transgender surgeries for children.

But this is the policy the radical left is trying to force on the entire country, and leftists are imposing it wherever they are in charge right now. The Left wants to deny reality, and they intend to make you lie. For example, judges in Michigan, which is now dominated by the Left, will soon be required to use "preferred pronouns."

Such speech codes have already been put into place in many colleges and public schools. Professors and teachers have been disciplined and fired for refusing to lie about a student's biological sex.

The Biden administration is also pushing for the same policies to be implemented in America's elementary and secondary school systems.

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