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September 15, 2022

Blood Money In Congress

Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider in America, makes a lot of "blood money" from destroying innocent pre-born children in the womb. This year they plan on spending $50 million to help re-elect or elect politicians committed to continuing the carnage.

The vehicle they channel their campaign dollars through is their "Action Fund," which has become a powerful political force. Money "talks" in politics. This year, Planned Parenthood's Action Fund efforts are being concentrated in states with competitive Senate races. They very carefully use their fund to only support politicians who are for abortion on demand.

The key states and the candidates they are supporting are:
1. Arizona - Mark Kelly
2. Georgia - Raphael Warnock
3. Michigan - Gretchen Whitmer (this is gubernatorial race)
4. Nevada - Catherine Cortez-Matso
5. New Hampshire - Maggie Hassan
6. North Carolina - Cheri Beasley
7. Pennsylvania - John Fetterman
8. Wisconsin - Mandela Barnes

Local Planned Parenthood Action Fund affiliates will handle races in Colorado (Michael Bennet) and Ohio (Tim Ryan).

Planned Parenthood Action Fund is not coy about their goal. Jenny Lawson, a top Planned Parenthood executive, told Fortune Magazine,"This is an election about power and control." They want a clear majority in the U.S. Senate that would allow them to pass a pro-abortion bill that literally removes all restrictions on abortion, including parental notification for minors, prohibitions on late-term abortions, and restrictions on taxpayer funding of abortions. These are extreme positions way outside the American mainstream.

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