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Faith Must Be Tough - Part 2

Guest: Dr. James Dobson

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June 23, 2023

Celebrate Thousands of Babies!

This week Dr. James Dobson and the entire staff at JDFI will join millions of pro-life Americans in celebrating the one-year anniversary of the legal "death" of Roe v. Wade. The Dobbs decision on June 24, 2022, has, by some estimates, resulted in the birth of 60,000 babies, each wonderfully made in the image of God, babies who otherwise would have been destroyed by abortion on demand.

Even in a country deeply divided over abortion, these thousands of saved babies should be a cause for joy and celebration. Sadly, it is not.

In fact, it was disturbing to hear that Vice President Kamala Harris has plans to spend June 24th using the power and visibility of her office to make sure no additional babies are saved. She is making a special trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, to give a major speech urging opposition to a pro-life law that restricts abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is expected she will also voice support for a proposed new federal law supported by the Biden administration that would override every state's pro-life legislative measures.

This isn't a one-day effort. In the last few weeks, Vice President Harris put together an "elite" group of pro-abortion women to help her become the Biden administration's "leading advocate" against laws protecting babies from the abortionist's knife. This pro-death task force includes Alexis Johnson of Planned Parenthood, which has lost millions of dollars as a result of declining abortions. NARAL's Mini Timmaraju is also a major player. Also involved is Emily's List, a pro-abortion political action committee that is putting up a whopping ten million dollars to improve Harris' image. At JDFI, we believe the best way any politician can improve his or her "image" is to stand up and defend innocent pre-born children instead of advocating for their destruction.

Here are some action items:
1. Pray for America to open its heart so that all our children are welcomed into the world and protected by the law.
2. Make a special donation to your local crisis pregnancy center as they help women who choose life.
3. Ask your pastor or priest to speak from the pulpit on defending innocent life.
4. Stand with JDFI with your prayers and generous support as we defend the sanctity of life.

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Parents took to the streets of Canada last week in a "1 Million March 4 Children," organized by concerned Muslim and Christian leaders. Their mantra was "Leave the children alone!" Their demand was "the elimination of sexual orientation and gender identity curriculum, pronouns, gender ideology and mixed bathrooms in schools." JDFI stands with these Canadian parents who are fulfilling their God-given role of protecting their children.

September 29, 2023

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September 27, 2023

Communism Winning In America?

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