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September 29, 2022

Child Mutilations for Profit

The investigative journalists at the Daily Wire just uncovered a scandal at Vanderbilt University Medical Center that shocks the conscience.

The Center has made a major commitment to "gender-affirming care" to help children. That sounds compassionate, but the reality is that Vanderbilt University Medical Center is engaged in controversial chemical castrations of young boys and mastectomies on young girls in order to increase the Center's profits.

One online video featured a gender-affirming care specialist at the Vanderbilt hospital bragging that they could make "up to $100,000" doing gender-altering surgeries. The specialist added that, "chest reconstructions" could bring in another $40,000. The surgeries and chemical castrations are extremely controversial and, for most children, irreversible.

Another video warned medical professionals that their religious beliefs would not be permitted to interfere with Vanderbilt University Medical Center's profits. The lecturer told the medical professionals, "If you don't want to do this kind of work, don't work at Vanderbilt." So much for religious liberty and conscience rights.

Vanderbilt's commitment to radical transgender ideology in medicine, sadly, is indicative of what is happening in other professional disciplines in the United States.

The University of California San Francisco, the Children's Hospital of Chicago and many other institutions are "medicalizing" gender non-conformity.

Normal young girls who used to be thought of as "tomboys," or normal young boys who might display effeminate behavior are now being referred for aggressive surgical and chemical medical treatments. This may help explain why in the last ten years, the number of minors who describe themselves as "transgender" has exploded exponentially, "increasing by a factor of 20 to 40" according to biologist Colin Wright.

Our children need compassion and protection as they grow up in America's increasingly morally-adrift culture. The adults who are exploiting children for profit and in service to radical ideology deserve our condemnation.

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