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October 23, 2021

China and North Korea are America's "Moral Equals" When it Comes to Abortion

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear two critical abortion cases, Americans need to understand what is at stake. 

Our nation will either embrace the scientific reality that babies in the womb must be protected, or it will continue to slaughter innocent life.

Fox News host Ben Domenech recently pleaded for an end to abortion, comparing our current policies to communist China and North Korea.

"We have as a nation one of the most radical abortion regimes in the world," Domenech said. He noted that many European countries ban elective abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy, making the 15-week ban in Mississippi anything but "extreme."

In contrast, many states in our nation allow abortion in the third trimester and even up to the moment of birth! Domenech noted that this puts us on par with communist China and North Korea, countries he characterized as America's "moral equals."

But Domenech believes Americans might finally be ready to reject the evil of abortion. 

"But now, at long last, something is happening. The energy in the pro-life movement is like nothing we've seen before."

"There is today renewed hope among those who believe that every unborn baby has a right to life that the Supreme Court may at long last reopen this significant question for us to decide, as citizens and states." 

May it be so! Join us in praying that God opens the eyes of the justices and grants overwhelming victories for the unborn at the Supreme Court!

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