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June 05, 2024

Defending Title IX

We have briefed you in the past about the horrible attempt by the Biden administration to gut Title IX. As a reminder, Title IX was passed by Congress in 1972 to prohibit sex discrimination in federally funded educational programs, including sports. When the law was passed, everyone understood what "sex" and "gender" meant. And for 50 years, Title IX has protected girls and young women.

But now the Biden administration is trying to radically redefine Title IX to include men who are pretending to be women, effectively undoing those historic protections. Boys pretending to be girls are dominating girls' sports, denying girls well-deserved awards and scholarships, and crushing their hopes and dreams. Men pretending to be women are claiming a "right" to invade women's spaces and their privacy.

It is outrageous that this so-called "progressive" administration, which claims to be an ally of girls and women, is doing so much to destroy their opportunities, as well as putting their safety at risk. All this administration has to offer girls and women is abortion.

The good news is that many states are fighting back. These are states with millions of conservative Christians who turned out to vote in recent years and, thus, have conservative governments.

Now, their elected officials are filing lawsuits to stop the outrageous rewrite of Title IX with the help of Christian legal organizations such as Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). As you may know, Dr. James Dobson was one of the original founders of ADF.

When the Biden administration published its new radical Title IX regulations on April 28th, ADF filed suit the very next day on behalf of a Louisiana school district.

A week later, ADF joined six states in a lawsuit against the Biden administration on behalf of a female athlete in Arkansas. That same week, ADF joined six more states in another lawsuit on behalf of a female athlete in West Virginia.

The following week, ADF joined four more states in another lawsuit on behalf of a female student and a female athletic association. And the week after that, ADF joined another lawsuit against the Biden administration on behalf of a Texas school district.

That's five federal lawsuits filed by ADF and 16 conservative states. We have a decent chance of winning these lawsuits, particularly if they reach the Supreme Court.

But, ultimately, we will lose if conservative Christians don't turn out this November to elect officials at all levels of government who will fight for our values and ensure that future court appointments at all levels will protect religious liberty and common sense.

Without the active involvement of Christians in the public policy process, our daughters and granddaughters will lose many opportunities, and we will lose our country. But we can protect our values and save our country if we are informed and involved.

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