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June 01, 2021

Democrats Continue to Push for Unlimited Access to Abortion

Democrats from both houses of Congress have reintroduced the deceptively named "Women's Health Protection Act" (WHPA). This horrific legislation establishes a federal statutory right to perform and obtain abortions. It also prohibits states from instituting ultrasound requirements, mandatory waiting periods, informed-consent requirements, or even basic health and safety regulations such as requiring hospital admitting privileges for abortionists.

But that's not all. As reported by LifeSiteNews.com, this despicable legislation allows abortion pills to be prescribed without an in-person doctor's visit. It also protects the so-called "right" to abort babies based on sex, race, or disability (modern-day eugenics!), and guarantees the availability of dismemberment abortions, by which babies are literally torn apart in the womb.

In other words, this legislation would not only open the doors wide for all manners of evil, it would prevent states from taking action to protect life.

If you ever needed an example of why your vote matters, this is it. This horrific bill can easily pass the Democrat-led House of Representatives, and only the filibuster stands in the way of Democrats in the Senate.

Contact your representatives today and demand that they not only oppose this bill, but speak out against it and expose the evil it contains. Silence is not an option, and neither is cowardly timidity. We must be bold in our stand for life!

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September 29, 2023

Erasing Women

The Biden administration continues its move forward with their plan to severely undermine a key federal law that prevents sexual discrimination. The law, referred to as Title IX, was passed in 1972 to protect women's educational opportunities. The federal Department of Education proposed new rules under Title IX that would apply the protection to men claiming they have become women through "transitioning." This has sparked outrage around the country. JDFI has been working tirelessly to pressure the Biden administration to protect women and girls.

September 27, 2023

Communism Winning In America?

Dr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon and former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has delivered a sobering warning about communism in America.

September 25, 2023

The Attack On Our Constitution

Sunday, September 17th, was Constitution Day, which celebrates the signing of America's Constitution on that date in 1787. Sadly, CNN decided, on September 11th, to dishonor the document by providing a platform to a couple of Harvard University professors of government who attacked the Constitution.