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December 04, 2019

Dobson Condemns Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf's "Evil" Endorsement of Eugenics Against Those with Down Syndrome

December 4, 2019 — I've long thought that Roe v. Wade was perhaps the greatest evil ever endorsed by the U.S. Supreme Court. While it is no longer surprising, it is horrific that some of our politicians continue to promote and defend the murder of innocents through the evil of abortion, and it is equally appalling that we as a society continue to stand still for it.

But less than two weeks ago, we witnessed a new moral low in our society's disregard for human life when Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf vetoed legislation that would prevent the targeted murder of unborn children with Down syndrome.

Let me state this plainly: children with Down syndrome are being systematically eliminated through abortion. This is high-tech eugenics. It is not just wrong, it is unquestionably evil at its core. Every life is precious. If you've met children with Down syndrome, you have firsthand knowledge of how special these boys and girls are.

Recognizing this, the Pennsylvania legislature passed a bill that would have prohibited abortions "sought because the unborn child receives a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome." Governor Wolf refused to accept even this most basic protection for the most vulnerable among us, and incredibly claimed there was "no evidence that such a bill was needed in Pennsylvania."

The dismal reality is that this bill is needed not just in Pennsylvania, but across our country. In the United States, approximately 70 percent of women choose to abort their unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome. In a country that was founded upon the "unalienable rights" of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it is outrageous that we would tolerate the intentional onslaught of these innocent children.

Eight other states have passed laws restricting abortion of babies with Down syndrome, but many of these laws are not being enforced due to legal challenges. A group of U.S. senators have also introduced a bill to prohibit abortion of children on the basis of a Down syndrome diagnosis. While it astounds and sickens me that we need such laws, the tragic reality is that we do, and we need them now. Please contact your local legislators and let them know that these children have a God-given right to live. The Lord loves these innocent boys and girls with Down syndrome, whether born or unborn. They are precious in His sight.

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