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January 16, 2020

Dr. James Dobson Applauds Trump Administration for Protecting this Nation's First Liberty

January 16, 2020 — The following quote may be attributed to Dr. James Dobson, president of the James Dobson Family Institute, regarding Thursday's proposed rules and guidance documents issued from nine federal agencies, including the U.S. Departments of Justice, Labor, and Health and Human Services, as well as the Office of Management and Budget:



"The Trump administration has consistently taken action to protect this nation's first liberty—religious freedom. Today's announcements from nine federal agencies and the Office of Management and Budget are just the latest examples. Under previous administrations, religious providers of social services were singled out and burdened with regulatory requirements not placed upon other providers. These actions are unconstitutional and in conflict with recent Supreme Court precedent.

"The proposed rules and guidance documents will help ensure that faith-based organizations are not excluded from public programs, and that religious individuals are not treated as second-class citizens. I applaud this administration for its commitment to safeguard the inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Such action is long overdue."

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