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Nurturing a Child's Prayer Life - Part 2

Guest: Dr. Jerry Kirk, Candy Marballi, Rick Schatz

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July 08, 2024

Dr. James Dobson Condemns Biden Administration's Policies in Urgent Open Letter: "Systematically Destroying the Hopes and Dreams of the American People"

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Dr. James Dobson and his ministry leadership sent an urgent open letter to President Joe Biden, condemning his administration's grievous policies that are systematically destroying the hopes and dreams of the American people.

President Biden is facing growing calls to withdraw from the presidential race because of concerns about his diminished mental capacity. Our concern is the deficient and immoral policies that the Biden/Harris administration is implementing using the vast power of the federal government. The letter opens with:

"We write to you with grave concern about the radical agenda your administration is imposing on the American people. When you ran in 2020, a major theme of your campaign was to bring America together. Instead, your actions have indisputably divided the country. You and your most dedicated allies in Congress regularly demonize and dehumanize anyone who holds Judeo-Christian or conservative values, as well as anyone who dares to resist your agenda to deconstruct the morals, laws, and freedoms that have sustained our great Republic."

The open letter lists eleven critical policy issues that "are irrevocably damaging our country." The policy issues include the threat to our democracy, undermining religious freedoms, discounting parental rights, devaluing the sanctity of human life, dividing people by race, risking America's welfare, threatening the well-being and safety of women, weakening America's international influence, destroying the economy, demoralizing law enforcement, and corrupting and harming children through radical LGBTQ ideology.

Dr. Dobson and his colleagues cited the consequences of Biden's damaging policies including:

"• You have weaponized federal law enforcement against your political opponents. The lawfare your allies have waged against former President Donald Trump is reminiscent of a Soviet show trial, not our constitutional Republic. As a result, America is quickly losing its moral credibility to promote freedom and democracy abroad.1

• Your government agencies regularly attack our Bill of Rights, most notably our First Amendment rights to freedom of religion, speech, and assembly.2

• You and your allies are undermining the institution of the Supreme Court while smearing individual justices, putting their physical safety at risk. You have outright defied Supreme Court decisions.3

• Your agencies are issuing multiple regulations, directives, and mandates that are restricting the religious conscience rights of citizens and faith-based institutions.4

• Your FBI has infiltrated and monitored Catholic churches, while your IRS harasses religious nonprofits that dare to advocate Christian citizenship.5

• Your Justice Department labeled concerned parents who protested at school board meetings as possible "domestic terrorists," and set up a special 800 number to report them.6

• Your administration regularly attacks the rights of parents to raise and educate their children.7

• You aggressively oppose school choice programs that would mostly benefit minority and urban children.8

• You have willfully failed to enforce the laws governing immigration, allowing millions of people who we can't possibly "vet" to enter our country—many from nations that are enemies of the United States.14

• American minority communities and veterans have often been kicked out of recreation centers, playgrounds, and other facilities to make way for millions of migrants.15"

Dr. James Dobson, Founder Chair; Gary Bauer, Senior Vice President; and Joe Waresak, President of the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute, conclude their letter with an urgent plea to President Biden.

"Mr. President, the moral and constitutional framework that sustains our Republic is at risk of collapsing due to your ill-advised and un-American policies. We urge you and your administration to seriously consider your overwhelmingly low approval ratings and failing policies and take immediate corrective action. We, the people of the United States, expect nothing less from our leaders and will pray to this end."

We invite you to read the full Open Letter to President Joe Biden with citations and join us in signing your name. Currently, the letter has garnered nearly 10,000 signatures and the numbers are growing daily.

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