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May 01, 2018

Dr. James Dobson Issues Statement, Offers Condolences to Parents of Alfie Evans


“From the ailing and elderly to the unborn, may our own government be
moved by Alfie’s story to enact laws that more fully protect the
sanctity of all human life.”

— James Dobson, Ph.D.


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. May 1, 2018
Dr. James Dobson issues the following statement in defense of the right to
life for Alfie Evans, 23-month-old who was the subject of a tragic court
battle in England and passed away this past weekend:

“From an ocean away, Americans watched the heartbreaking story of Alfie
Evans unfold in tragic detail this past weekend. After being informed by doctors that
Alfie’s neurological disorder would inevitably take his life, his
parents were instructed that the only ‘humane’ course of action was to
remove Alfie from a ventilator, stop feeding him, and let him die. But
for days after being removed from life support, Alfie clung to life and
his will to live inspired an army of supporters all around the world. I
count myself among them.

“Despite multiple attempts, British courts time and again prohibited
his parents from transporting the 23-month-old to Italy, where
citizenship and free medical care would have been graciously provided
at no cost to the family or taxpayers of Great Britain. Alfie’s legal
battle, while unsuccessful in releasing Alfie from a British hospital,
succeeded in exposing the dirty underbelly of the National Health
System, the British socialized medical system often hailed by those on
the left in our own country as the world’s standard bearer. The NHS and
the British courts chose bureaucracy and budget over the sanctity of
human life. The world watched on in horror, and as such, they should
all be terribly ashamed.”

“The sanctity of every human life is not only foundational to our
Christian faith, but it should be the legal foundation of every free
democracy. I can find no rational explanation for the NHS or the
courts’ refusal to allow Alfie’s parents to pursue whatever means
available to them to prolong, or even save Alfie’s life. Alfie’s case
serves as a powerful reminder of why Americans should never allow our
medical care to be handed over to bureaucratic administrators. Shirley
and I offer our condolences to Alfie’s parents and I encourage everyone
to pray for them as they grieve the loss of their son. From the ailing
and elderly to the unborn, may our own government be moved by Alfie’s
story to enact laws that more fully protect the sanctity of all human

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