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July 08, 2021

European Union Approves Report that Labels Abortion as a "Human Right"

Is killing an unborn child a "human right"?

According to the European Union, it is. The European Parliament has approved a "reproductive health" document that describes abortion as an "essential health service" and a "human right." Accordingly, a doctor who objects to performing abortion "based on personal beliefs" about the sanctity of human life has engaged in "the denial of medical care."

It's hard to imagine a more depraved line of thinking.

Medical professionals take an oath to bring healing, not harm. Yet now we compel health care professionals to destroy human lives under the guise of "health services" or "medical care."

What's happening in Europe is not unique. As we've already seen, the Biden administration has been working overtime to promote and subsidize this business of death. Our Declaration of Independence proclaims the inalienable right of "life," but too often our government officials fail to uphold even this most basic ideal.

We need a societal change of heart. First and foremost, the church must find its voice. But we also need politicians who will stand for life and policies that will protect it.

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