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Nurturing a Child's Prayer Life - Part 1

Guest: Dr. Jerry Kirk, Candy Marballi, Rick Schatz

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Guest: Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker


August 04, 2023

Food Nazis: Learn Gay Or No Food For You!

The Biden administration is attempting to deprive low-income children of nourishment unless their Christian preschool agrees to LGBTQ+ demands. Do I have your attention?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) runs a food and nutrition service program. Children from low-income families in any school can receive subsidized lunches under the program.

Title IX is a federal program that prohibits discrimination based on gender. Title IX also exempts religious schools from rules that would violate their faith.

In California, 40% of the students at the Church of Compassion's Dayspring Learning Center have qualified for and receive federal nutritional assistance. But in December of 2022, the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) blocked the children from receiving free lunches because the school won't agree to the Biden administration's radical LGBTQ+ agenda.

Indiana Representative Jim Banks is demanding answers. He just fired off a letter to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

Banks asks four key questions of the Biden administration, and is insisting on simple yes or no answers instead of typical bureaucratic gibberish. Here are the key questions:

• "Yes or no: would your Department's Title IX SOGI rule change block religious schools, including Christian, Jewish, or Muslim institutions, from participating in USDA's Food and Nutrition Service programs, as well as other related programs?

• Title IX exempts religious schools from rules that would constitute a violation of their faith. Why is this administration, as well as state-level agencies tasked with administering federal programs, not honoring these exemptions?

• Yes or no: would your Department's Title IX SOGI rule change prevent Indiana public schools with female-only sports teams and locker rooms from participating in your department's nutritional assistance programs?

• Nearly 30 million schoolchildren across the country rely on FNS programs for breakfast and lunch costs. Is it truly this administration's position that those children do not deserve nutrition because their school disagrees with the Biden administration's redefinition of the word 'sex'?"

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July 17, 2024

Pride before the Fall?

Proverbs 16:18 tells us, "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall" (NIV). Bud Light and Target learned that lesson last year. Other corporations got the message and scaled back their "Pride" displays last month.

July 15, 2024

Vote for the Supreme Court?

There are many reasons Christians must vote in record numbers this November. Our country will elect a president, one-third of the Senate, and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives. Supreme Court justices are not elected. The president makes nominations, and then they must receive a majority vote in the Senate.

July 14, 2024

The Dr. James Dobson Family Institute Decries Yesterday's Attempted Assassination of Former President Donald Trump and Calls for the American People to Pray and Unite

The attempted assassination of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, and the murder and injuring of his supporters in Butler, PA, were appalling and tragic. Many have described this historical event as surreal, and it does not reflect the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers or the overwhelming majority of the American people.