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January 17, 2024

Get Abortion Out Of Our Military!

A commanding officer of the Arkansas Air National Guard has just resigned from his position because of abortion. Here's the back story.

In 2022, the Supreme Court decided in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case that the Constitution does not contain a right to abortion. Pro-life groups celebrated, and in the months ahead two dozen states passed laws restricting abortion.

Predictably, there was quite a different reaction in the Biden administration. The White House established a special abortion working group to find ways to use the vast power of the federal government to promote abortion.

Even the U. S. Department of Defense has become involved in the abortion "business" with a new abortion travel policy. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin sent a directive to the Pentagon leadership in October 2022 entitled, "Ensuring Access to Reproductive Health Care," which is simply a government euphemism for abortion.

The memorandum announced a new policy: If a member of the U.S. Armed Forces wants an abortion but is currently stationed in a pro-life state, the military will pay for travel and transportation for the service member and her dependents to go to a state that permits abortion on demand.

In other words, some of your tax money that Congress has allocated for national defense is now being redirected to ensure innocent unborn children are destroyed in the womb. If a woman applies for the travel, meals, and lodging expenses to go to another state to abort her child, her commanding officer must approve the request.

That is the position that Arkansas Air National Guard Colonel Dillon Patterson found himself in. The now-retired colonel's Christian faith did not permit his involvement in any way with the promotion or advancement of abortion. So, he resigned from the military.

In recent months, virtually every branch of the U.S. military has been unable to meet their recruitment goals at a time when threats to U.S. national security are growing rapidly. Many experts believe that leftist social engineering in the Pentagon on issues regarding transgenderism, DEI programs, and now abortion politics is a contributing factor in the volunteer shortfall. JDFI calls on the Biden administration to immediately rescind this anti-life policy and get abortion out of the Armed Forces.

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April 23, 2024

Biden's War on Women

The Biden administration hopes the abortion issue will lead to his re-election in November. Women voters may want to think twice, however. Late last Friday, the administration declared war on women by distorting and destroying Title IX, a landmark 1972 law that bans sex discrimination in any school that receives federal funding. Title IX guarantees equal treatment for women in every aspect of education from the classroom to sports. Feminists hailed its passage 52 years ago, but the law may have a fatal omission that the Biden administration just drove a truckload of "wokeness" through: It didn't define what a woman is.

April 22, 2024

Religious Left Smears Christian Conservatives

As we have repeatedly warned, there is a deliberate effort to intimidate, shame, smear, and even threaten conservative Christians out of the political and public policy arena. It is understandable that the radical, secular Left would want to do that. But it is outrageous that some so-called "progressive Christians" are lending their support to this effort.

April 19, 2024

Stand With Israel

We thank God that the April 13th missile and drone attack on Israel, by the Islamic Republic of Iran, failed. Many of the 300 missiles and drones were destroyed by Israel's Iron Dome defense system or by U.S. and Israeli jets. But the failure of the attack does not erase its significance. For the first time, Iran has launched an attack directly from its own territory on Israel, instead of using its proxies, including Hamas and Hezbollah.