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January 15, 2024

God Bless The Life Centers

Pro-life pregnancy centers continue to be maligned by the media, pro-abortion politicians, and abortion profiteers such as Planned Parenthood. These pro-life centers are often accused of "manipulating" women to choose life for their preborn children. Critics say they use deceptive tactics, but it is the pro-abortion movement that is lying. And their lies have consequences.

In the last year, many pro-life centers have been vandalized by pro-abortion extremists and have suffered bomb threats and harassment. JDFI urges you to support the life centers with your prayers and generous gifts.

An amazing report on the incredible work of the pro-life centers was released late in 2022, but did not garner the attention it should have.

Our friends at the Charlotte Lozier Institute, the research arm of the advocacy group Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, published the report titled, "Hope for a New Generation." The document examined and quantified the goods and services provided by 2,750 pro-life pregnancy centers in the last year. The results are astonishing.

• The pro-life centers, both online and in person, interacted with over 16 million clients. 
• They provided over $30 million worth of free services to nearly 975,000 new clients.
• They administered  703,835 free pregnancy tests and provided 517,557 free ultrasounds.
• Center registered nurses and diagnostic medical sonographers volunteered 517,557 hours of service.
• Over 400,000 clients attended parenting education programs.
• Nearly 620,000 students were taught sexual risk avoidance. 

Of course, the pro-life centers stand with women and their children after birth, too. They distributed 3,591,000 packs of diapers, 4,256,274 baby outfits, 300,000 containers of baby formula, 43,192 car seats, 23,486 new cribs, and 30,188 strollers.

The list of goods, services, and support for women and their children is extraordinary. All of which begs the question: Why are they despised, harassed, threatened, and vandalized? The simple answer is that the self-described "pro-choice" movement isn't pro-choice at all. They are pro-abortion and hate when a woman chooses life. But I think it reveals something else, too. The hatred of pro-life centers clearly demonstrates that the battle we are in is a spiritual war—a literal struggle between good and evil.

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March 01, 2024

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"… but the thing that unites them as Christian nationalists—not Christians by the way, because Christian nationalist is very different—is that they believe that our rights as Americans, as all human beings, don't come from any earthly authority, they don't come from Congress, they don't come from the Supreme Court; they come from God," Heidi Przybyla, MSNBC investigative reporter.

February 28, 2024

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February 26, 2024

Our Out-Of-Touch Elites

Our country's founding idea was really revolutionary in that it declared that our liberty comes from God, not government. Throughout our history, the story of America has been one of liberty being expanded to include more and more people in the promises of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.