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December 07, 2021

Is the Biden Administration Working to Conceal Teacher Sex Crimes?

Under the Trump administration, the Department of Education (DOE) sought to gain "a fuller understanding of sexual violence perpetrated by teachers and staff against students."

Under the Biden administration, perhaps not as much. 

President Donald Trump's Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, required school districts to "report pending cases or cases in which a school staffer was reassigned to another district school prior to the conclusion of an investigation." But, and as reported in Breitbart, while President Biden's DOE "will still ask districts to report documented cases of rape and sexual assault, the department will no longer report cases in which allegations of sexual assault resulted in the resignation or retirement of school staff."

DeVos expressed her disgust at this capitulation, telling Fox News "This is a sickening move, and every American should be outraged." She added, "There is no rational way to justify sweeping teachers [who] sexually assault[] students under the rug. The only explanation is that the Biden administration is a wholly owned subsidiary of the teacher union bosses."

This is another reminder of the reality that personnel is policy. If you don't like the policy, then let your voice be heard through your vote and change the personnel. Your children's future may well depend on it.

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