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May 05, 2023

Justice Alito: “This Made Us Targets Of Assassination.”

A year ago, there was an unprecedented leak of the draft Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs case that ended the fiction that our Constitution contains a hidden right to abortion. The leak shocked court experts and there were immediate calls to find the culprit. Because of how draft court decisions are handled, the leaker was likely one of the court clerks, or even one of the justices. Sadly, an investigation has not resulted in finding that person.

Now, a year later, Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr., has publicly said, "I personally have a pretty good idea who is responsible, but that's different from the level of proof that is needed to name somebody."

That is an intriguing statement. JDFI hopes the investigation will continue. But every American should be deeply concerned about what Justice Alito believes the purpose of the leak was. He said he was concerned it "was part of an effort to prevent the Dobbs draft…from becoming the decision of the court." He called it "part of the campaign to try to intimidate the court," and ominously added, "Look, this made us targets of assassination."

Justice Alito is sadly correct. Last June, an armed would-be assassin traveled from California to Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home with the intent to kill him. He was, fortunately, arrested before he could carry out the act, and is currently awaiting trial.

Unfortunately, intimidation in the form of raucous demonstrations every night continues outside the homes of the court's conservative justices. This is a direct violation of U.S. Federal law Section 1507, but Attorney General Merrick Garland refuses to enforce that law, resulting in the justices and their families facing ongoing harassment.

Justice Alito said that as the result of the constant intimidation and threats from pro-abortion fanatics, he has to be driven around "in basically a tank, and I'm not really supposed to go any place by myself without the tank and my members of the police force."

This is a national scandal that threatens the rule of law and our constitutional Republic. Supreme Court justices and their families should not be subject to physical intimidation, nor have to live as if they are "marked for death." We call for Congress to hold hearings on why Biden's Justice Department refuses to arrest demonstrators outside the homes of justices. We are outraged that the Biden White House has not publicly demanded an end to the Left's intimidation of the court. We are deeply concerned about the growing violence and threats of violence by the radical Left, trans extremists and others toward pro-lifers, churches, Christians and conservatives in and out of government.

Pray for God's protection on the justices of the Supreme Court and all of those serving in public office.

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May 18, 2023

Rev. Franklin Graham: America in “Downward Spiral.” Urges Christians to Speak Truth.

The Reverend Franklin Graham delivered the keynote address at Liberty University's commencement ceremony this year. His powerful message should be heard far and wide in this critical time for America and the Church.

May 11, 2023

Mocking Christ

The European Parliament, the main legislative body of the European Union, has just insulted Christians everywhere. In an art exhibit sponsored by the parliament, there is a display depicting Jesus with homosexual men dressed in attire associated with bondage and sadomasochism around him. The so-called "artist" is Elisabeth Ohlson, a Swedish woman who has a history of creating anti-Christian artwork. According to the Christian Post, Ohlson previously created a painting showing the Garden of Eden that replaced Adam and Eve with two homosexual couples.

May 11, 2023

Pray for Justice Clarence Thomas

There is a disgusting and dangerous effort underway to force Justice Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court. Justice Thomas' confirmation took place on October 15, 1991, after a vicious campaign to smear him. At the time, Thomas called the tactics employed by his opponents a "high-tech lynching."