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December 15, 2022

Kudos from JDFI to Kirk Cameron!

The Growing Pains actor, Christian author, and father of six just released a new children's book that teaches biblical values. But he's not just selling a book like so many celebrities these days.

Kirk Cameron is fighting on the frontlines of the culture war for the heart and soul of our children and our country.

Cameron and his publisher, Brave Books, contacted dozens of public libraries around the country that have hosted drag queen story hours for kids. They simply asked the libraries for equal time for Cameron to read his biblical-based book to kids. Well, you can imagine the responses.

One library associate said that their library was "very queer-friendly," — their words — and that Cameron's book did not align with its values.

Another turned Cameron down because their library represents a "diverse" community. Obviously, their definition of diversity doesn't include Christianity.

Cameron got a similar response from a third library. That one made it clear they were only interested in "authors of color" and "racial equity."

But racial equity isn't achieved by rejecting caucasian authors. That's known as critical race theory and it is the guiding philosophy of the modern left.

Kirk Cameron isn't backing down. He told Fox News that Christians too often give up and go home, "crying in our Chick-fil-A soup, waiting for the rapture." Instead, he said we must go on the offense. He is absolutely right.

Cameron is urging parents to contact their local libraries and ask for equal time. If the libraries refuse, they're likely breaking the law.

Cameron said that Brave Books is committed to helping parents fight back and "turn that denial into a revival." That is exactly what America needs.

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