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November 24, 2023

Leftist Lies Divide Our Nation

The powerful governor of California, Gavin Newsom, just lied about the small town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Newsom, widely seen as a substitute for Joe Biden as president in 2024, claimed the city passed a law that “banned being gay in public.” The truth is the city passed a law banning public indecency – actions such as public nudity, defecating in public, and fornication in public places. It does not mention the word gay.


Newsom’s lie is an example of how the radical Left, with help from big media, demonizes normal efforts, particularly in conservative areas of the country, to promote good public policy.


In 2022Florida passed a law prohibiting any sex education in kindergarten through third grade – in other words, children between the ages of five and nine. In fourth grade and beyond, the sex-ed had to be age-appropriate and parents had to be notified and have the option of removing their child from the class.  


Polls showed overwhelming support for the law. Leading liberals and their media allies labeled it a “Don’t Say Gay” in the classroom law. That was another lieThe law did not apply to only gay sex-ed – it regulated all graphic sex-ed. 


In Georgia, the smears and lies were about a law to ensure elections were free of fraud. The state put reasonable ID requirements on voters, along with other commonsense reforms. President Biden, Vice President Harris and major corporations falsely claimed the law’s intention was to deny minorities the right to vote. Major League Baseball protested the law by moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, ironically harming hundreds of black-owned businesses in the city.


The critics smears were outrageous. They stoked racial divisions and frightened some minority voters. But, in fact, the minority vote increased in Georgia after the law passed.


This steady drumbeat of lies and distortions require all Americans to be discerning. Don’t believe what the liberal media and radical politicians claim without checking with a reliable source, such as JDFI.  

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