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We Shall Never Forget - Part 1

Guest: Ret. U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin

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June 17, 2021

Leftists Support Narrative That 3-Year-Olds Can Choose Their Own Gender

According to the Left, parents and medical professionals are unable to accurately determine a child's sex at birth. However, a 3-year-old is up to the task.

The Boston Globe recently published an article celebrating the radical ideology embraced by individuals such as Dr. Ariel Frey-Vogel, the director of child and adolescent services at Mass General's Transgender Health Program.

Frey-Vogel said, "At around 18 months, kids can identify males or females. At around 3, they recognize their own gender."

Accordingly, Frey-Vogel suggests adults encourage children to question their biological sex, and applauds the decision to allow kids to live as the opposite sex.

Where is the public outrage?

Make no mistake, we should oppose harmful gender stereotypes. For instance, it's time to get rid of Barbie dolls with physically impossible measurements. And we should teach our kids that girls can be athletes, CEOs, and firefighters, and boys can be artists, teachers or dancers. Encouraging our kids to dream and to pursue their goals is vitally important.

But biological reality exists, and there is such a thing as "male" and "female." A child doesn't decide what gender he or she is… God does. As it says in the Bible, "He created them male and female and blessed them." (Genesis 5:2). We are doing our children and our society a great disservice if we make-believe otherwise.

If you're a parent, teach your children that God created boys and girls uniquely, distinctly and wonderfully. Their very lives may depend on it.

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