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November 09, 2022

Life Loses

Election Day was not a good day for America's innocent, defenseless preborn children. In California, Michigan, and Vermont voters by wide margins voted to amend their state constitutions to "enshrine" a right to abortion.

The California vote was not that surprising. California's Governor Gavin Newsom is an aggressive advocate of abortion on demand and has urged women in other states to come to California if they want to abort their babies. He has even twisted the words of Jesus to suggest that California is actually loving their "neighbors" by becoming an abortion "sanctuary."

The Michigan pro-abortion referendum passed 56% to 44%. In addition to providing abortions, the amendment to the state constitution appears to allow the sterilization of minor children in the name of "gender-affirming care." The drafters of the amendment used deception and word games to obscure how radical it really is.

Kentucky, historically a pro-life state, nonetheless voted down a pro-life amendment to its state constitution. In Montana, a proposal was on the ballot that declared an infant born alive during an abortion to be a legal person and thus should be protected. Incredibly, this obvious truth was defeated 52% to 48% after a massive propaganda campaign against it.

These referenda are a disturbing sign that America's "culture of death" is still a powerful force, even though a right to abortion is no longer in the U.S. Constitution. The forces attacking the sanctity of life are well-funded, influential, and have many allies in government and the popular culture.

The churches of America must find their voice on protecting innocent human life, and Christians must become more involved in the public square. America will not have God's blessing and protection if we continue to destroy children who are each created in his image.

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