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February 06, 2023

Minnesota Declares War on Babies

The Minnesota State Senate just passed, by a 34 to 33 vote, arguably the most radical pro-abortion law in America. Gov. Tim Walz (D) has already signaled that he will proudly sign it into law.

The bill, called the Protect Reproduction Options (PRO) Act, permits abortion right up until the moment of birth. Minnesota is now in the same category of death-dealing godless regimes as North Korea.

It is hard to see how any other state with pro-abortion legislative majorities could go any further unless it were to make abortion mandatory.

Thirty-five times Republicans in the legislature offered amendments to provide some basic protections for defenseless pre-born children, but the same pro-abortion Democrat block voted down each attempt with a narrow one-vote majority. Among the rejected amendments were one limiting abortions in the seventh to ninth months of pregnancy, and one providing the option of anesthesia for the unborn child who can feel pain in the late stages of pregnancy. Even animals that are "put down" receive painkillers to ease suffering — a compassion that the "progressive" legislature was not willing to extend to tiny human beings.

Planned Parenthood aggressively supported the legislation. Dr. Sarah Traxler, chief medical officer at Planned Parenthood for the North Central States, called the grotesque law "an insurance policy that our rights won't be taken away."

If the governor signs the law, pro-life groups in Minnesota have vowed to work for its repeal. To accomplish that will require another election that changes the balance of power in the Minnesota State Senate. Until then, the most dangerous place a baby can be in Minnesota is inside his or her mother's womb. God help us.

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March 21, 2023

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JDFI condemns Colorado’s 'Reproductive Health Equity Act 2.0

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