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Life After the Storm - Part 2

Guest: Jan Harrison

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Life After the Storm - Part 2

Guest: Jan Harrison

Life After the Storm - Part 1

Guest: Jan Harrison

Dr. Alveda King and Her Family's Legacy

Guest: Dr. Alveda King


The Latest

March 29, 2024

We Are Winning

While many politicians would prefer to avoid it, there is no denying the raging culture war in America today. From abortion to pornography in public libraries and open borders versus secure borders, ...

March 27, 2024

Disappointed, But Determined

JDFI was disappointed when news broke that Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) signed legislation passed by the Democrat legislature to codify same-sex marriage into law. We took some time to ...

March 25, 2024

Dr. Dobson Warns of Online Scam

It has come to our attention that unscrupulous individuals have been using Dr. James Dobson's likeness and a false endorsement to entice unsuspecting people to buy online products. We want to make it ...

March 25, 2024

A Bad Week For Our Republic Under God

Last week was a big week for the abortion industry and transgender insanity. Both causes want to eradicate God and morality from America. The anti-baby abortion cause received the full embrace of ...

March 22, 2024

Gaines vs. The NCAA

Riley Gaines is a young Christian lady who is taking on radical transgender ideology. She receives death threats and has been assaulted. But she is standing firm. Why does Riley speak out and take ...

March 20, 2024

God & Country

Okay, class, who said this?: "Without God, there could be no American form of Government, nor an American way of life. Recognition of the Supreme Being is the first — the most basic — expression of ...

March 18, 2024

Pro-Life Terrorists?

The attempt to demonize and criminalize normal pro-life, pro-family groups and viewpoints continues to expand in the United States. Students for Life of America is considering legal action after they ...

March 15, 2024

Biden White House Promotes Anti-Evangelical Hate

Are Evangelical Christians a "threat" to America? JDFI is outraged to learn that according to material coming out of the Biden administration, we are. Here are the details. A recent diversity, ...