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October 08, 2021

Parents Need to Stand Against Pornography in Schools

Social media is certainly not without its downside. 

But, in the fight against sexually explicit content, social media might be inadvertently encouraging parents to stand up and speak out.

Our friends at the Family Research Council have more information concerning this dilemma:

Parents who oppose objectionable material in schools are often relegated to the sidelines by school officials who convince them that no one else cares, the material is standard, or the book has won awards and is on the approved list of XYZ authority on children's literature. Getting taken seriously is an uphill battle. Many parents become demoralized, isolated, and stop complaining.

But when parents see other parents speaking truth to power, the effect is, well, powerful.

A mom in Fairfax, Virginia saw a video of a mom in Texas complaining about these books, and that's how she got the idea of checking her school library. Her fears were confirmed when she learned that the objectionable books are in fact available in school libraries open to students as young as 11.

Parents who might otherwise feel isolated can now see that they are not alone. Mothers like the ones in Texas, Virginia, and all over the country are important examples of how to stand up for your own children and all children. They are leading by example, serving as role models for other parents and citizens who want to hold school officials accountable. Their witness can pierce the bubble of radical progressive thinking that's captured the nation's public (and some private) schools. Check your local school's library for objectionable content and share what you find. Sunlight is a powerful disinfectant.

We applaud the great work of FRC and others who are working diligently on the front lines to keep us informed. Let's honor their efforts by taking this information and doing something about it!

Do you know what your kids are learning and reading? Start taking steps to find out! And if you don't approve of what you find…speak out!

Together, "We the People" can, by God's grace, turn this nation around!

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