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February 19, 2024

Planned Parenthood Attacks Virginity

Planned Parenthood recently released a video aimed at our kids called, "What is Virginity?" An apparent "teacher" begins, "Virginity. What is it, and what's the big deal about losing it? Let me cut to the chase. Virginity is a completely made-up concept. It's a term that was created simply to control and shame people—mainly women. Mmm."

If you are preparing to have "the talk" with your son or daughter about love and sex, you can skip this Planned Parenthood mess. It's not so subtle message breaks down to, "sex is no big deal—just do it!—and neither is virginity."

Planned Parenthood makes a lot of money aborting babies that are conceived because of casual sex. Virginity is not good for their business. They are major proponents of distributing contraceptive pills and devices at younger and younger ages. They and their allies don't think abortion is a big deal either. They call it "healthcare." This is a group that promotes the idea that a pre-born baby is also a made-up concept meant to control and shame women.

Actually, JDFI is surprised that Planned Parenthood repeatedly refers to "women" in their video. They risk offending their "trans" allies who claim the definition of a woman is very complicated and can only be fully understood if you majored in biology. This is the same crowd that is telling us "men can get pregnant," and that other men have monthly periods. I wonder how many "men" have had abortions at Planned Parenthood clinics. In short, don't let these "experts" anywhere near your children or grandchildren. They specialize in lies and misinformation that destroys people—mainly women and children. "Mmm."

You can read two great essays by Tom Gilson dissecting this garbage at The Stream.

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April 15, 2024

New Study Debunks Trans Narrative

Everything about the transgender ideology is anti-science as well as being anti-God. The Lord created mankind to be men and women. Science confirms that genetically there are two genders—male and female. A man cannot "become" a woman, nor can a woman "become" a man by radical, deforming surgery or administering powerful, dangerous drugs.

April 12, 2024

Trump, the Catholic Church, and Abortion

This past week, the wicked practice of abortion took center stage in the news as former President Donald Trump and the Catholic Church delivered statements addressing this most controversial and disputed topic.

April 12, 2024

Americans Fear Feds Are Threat To Religious Liberty

A new Rasmussen poll on how Americans think about religious liberty has some disturbing results. The poll conducted in late March found that 56% of likely voters in the U.S. believe that our own federal government is a major threat to our religious liberty. Only 26% say the feds are a "protector" of religious rights, and 17% aren't sure.