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August 12, 2021

Planned Parenthood Closes Office in Nebraska

Pro-abortion activists and abortion giant Planned Parenthood continue to promote the evil business of abortion, aided in no small part by the Biden administration.

But in some states, that isn't enough.

Planned Parenthood confirmed that it has closed its location in Grand Island, Nebraska, reportedly after it struggled to obtain public support. While the office was used for "political advocacy," rather than to abort unborn children, at least one pro-life advocate views the move as an "obvious" failure by the abortion giant to "gain a foothold in the Tri-City area."

"I believe Planned Parenthood's retreat from central Nebraska speaks well for the people of central Nebraska who recognized Planned Parenthood's misinformation and called them on it," said attorney Bob Sullivan.

Abortion ends a precious life and irrevocably alters so many others. It's time for Planned Parenthood to be exposed and shuttered for good!

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