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July 06, 2021

Planned Parenthood Pushes 11-Year-Olds Toward Sex

Middle school students recently brought a flyer home from school explaining that 11-year-olds can legally have sex with someone up to two years older. And can obtain an abortion without their parent's knowledge.

The source of the flyer was none other than abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

This happened at a school in Tacoma and, not surprisingly, parents in Washington were furious. School officials dismissed their concerns by apologizing for "the error," but didn't apologize for Planned Parenthood's continued influence on the sexual indoctrination taking place. During the last election, Washington voters approved a "graphic state-wide, sex-ed curriculum created and endorsed by Planned Parenthood and radical activist organizations."

Do you want Planned Parenthood and its cronies influencing your children? Not only does this wretched organization kill more unborn babies than any group in the country—making billions of dollars in the process—they also proudly proclaim themselves to be "the single largest provider of sex education in the United States." Its so-called education includes the celebration of promiscuity, the suggestion that HIV-positive individuals can hide this fact from sexual partners, and of course, its unrelenting promotion of abortion.

While many communities and states have said "No!" to Planned Parenthood, far too many are still allowing this organization unfettered access to children. What is your state's position? Contact your representatives today and demand that they keep Planned Parenthood out of our communities.

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