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August 24, 2022

Progress On Life Too!

The pro-life movement is still trying to figure out why a pro-life ballot initiative was defeated in Kansas a few weeks ago. In the meantime, pro-life victories are taking place in multiple states now that the Supreme Court made it clear there is no national "right" to abortion in the U.S. Constitution.

For example, Indiana has banned abortions in that state with exceptions for rape and incest. Louisiana's last three abortion clinics are leaving the state. State supreme courts in Idaho and Kentucky have allowed pro-life laws to take effect while they consider legal challenges filed by the abortion industry. Kentucky's Attorney General and rising pro-life "star," Daniel Cameron, hailed the court's decision as a "victory for life and the rule of law." Pro-life laws are advancing in other state legislatures, too.

What about your state? We must work to protect the sanctity of life in every state.

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