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August 14, 2023

See You At The Library

August 5th was the day that Kirk Cameron called on Christians to sponsor reading hours at their local public libraries. JDFI strongly supported the idea, and we are happy to report that 350 events in 46 states took place. The gatherings drew thousands of Americans who celebrated faith, family and patriotism. What a wonderful contrast to the bizarre recent trend in our public libraries of having “drag queens,” men garishly dressed as women, reading books to impressionable children.
Of course, there were some controversies surrounding the faith, family and freedom library events. Kirk Cameron, along with women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines, spoke at the Huntsville-Madison County, Alabama, public library in an event sponsored by Moms for Liberty. They were able to do so only after the library tried to cancel the event two days before it was to take place, citing fear of too large of a crowd attending.  
First Liberty Institute, representing Cameron, notified the director of the library system that the cancellation was unlawful and an unconstitutional discrimination of a religious viewpoint in violation of the Alabama Constitution and the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  
The library quickly reversed itself and allowed the event to take place, proving once again that if Christians want to keep our religious liberty we must stand up and exercise it. 
Some left-wing demonstrators turned up at the event, but were blocked by police from entering the library and disrupting it. Meanwhile, inside the library, the words “God Bless America” filled the air as several hundred people celebrated “liberty under God.” 

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