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June 09, 2023

SPECIAL REPORT – The Trump Indictment

Late last night, news broke that was not entirely surprising, but it is completely disgusting. Donald Trump is now the first former president to be indicted on federal charges. Here are three observations about the indictment.

ONE. Make no mistake about it: This is yet another example of federal law enforcement agencies meant to protect us from criminals and foreign enemies being turned against us and employed as a weapon against half of America and Donald Trump.

This is the stuff of Third World dictatorships.

TWO. The natural reaction to this news is to respond based on whether you like or dislike Donald Trump. That is a mistake. Our reaction should be based on whether we believe in the rule of law or whether we are willing to surrender our constitutional Republic to fascist left-wing extremists.

Depending on how you count it, this will be the sixth time that the Deep State has been deployed by the Democrat Party to interfere in an election. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, this should concern you.

THREE. The depth of the corruption in our federal institutions and their politicization is breathtaking. No reasonable person can believe it is merely a coincidence that just as the FBI is forced to reveal a document that puts the corruption charges against Biden on the front pages, Trump is suddenly indicted with predictable results.

Some additional points to consider.

Charlie Kirk, former Representative Lee Zeldin and many others today, including myself, believe that every Republican competing for the 2024 presidential nomination should go to Mar-a-Lago and make a joint statement of solidarity, even though they will continue to compete with Trump for the nomination.

Some of the Republican presidential candidates may privately think this is a great development because it damages Trump and improves their chances of becoming president. That would be a terrible mistake. It damages America.

What is happening right now is a real insurrection. If the Democrat-controlled administration and the Deep State continue to get away with this tactic, any Republican who manages to prevail in 2024 will be subjected to the same treatment, unless they are willing to be a weak president who doesn't actually do anything to resist the Left's neo-Marxist agenda and stop the slide into authoritarianism.

I am struck by how even some Trump critics are deeply troubled by this indictment and the continued trend of interference in our constitutional Republic's elections by the politicized Deep State. Some of them are pointing out that selective criminalization aimed at political opponents is in fact political repression that must be stopped or the country is lost.

Once again, it must be noted that this is not specific to Trump. This selective criminalization is also being done to pro-life activists, other conservative officials, conservative churches, not to mention the heavy-handed prosecutions of January 6th demonstrators compared to the violent 2020 rioters.

Every day a new story emerges of leftist ideologues in our elementary schools showing little children totally inappropriate material favored by the LGBTQ crowd. Yesterday, President Joe Biden and his administration stood with those radical forces.

At the same time, multiple groups representing parents who are fighting back against this insanity are labeled by powerful left-wing interest groups as equivalent to the KKK.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump, but today's Left is comparing parents—you and me—to the most vicious, hated groups in America because we don't want our kids indoctrinated with radical ideas about sex and gender.

Let me also remind you about Special Counsel Jack Smith. He earned his place in the Left's "Hall of Heroes" with his prosecution of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in 2014. At the time, McDonnell was a rising star in the Republican Party. But Smith's prosecution destroyed McDonnell.

Later, when it no longer mattered, Smith's corruption case against McDonnell was thrown out by the Supreme Court in a 9-to-0 decision. That tells you everything you need to know.

One final thought on the charges themselves.

Many people will say, "But Trump took classified documents." Officials with the National Archives testified before Congress in March. They admitted that every president from Ronald Reagan on has had disputes with the federal government over whether certain documents belonged to them or the federal government.

Some of those disputes have dragged on for years. Former President Obama took more than 30 million pages of documents to his presidential library.

The National Archives officials also admitted that at least 80 times since 2010, the Archives has received calls from libraries after finding classified documents among the papers turned over by former members of Congress.

The reason there are so many disputes is because we have a major overclassification problem in Washington, which the Left has now weaponized. And, of course, when it comes to presidents, they can declassify anything they want.

So, from the dawn raid at Mar-a-Lago, involving dozens of agents with automatic weapons, to this indictment, Donald Trump is being treated differently than any previous president.

Why? Because he speaks for at least 75 million Americans who are upset about the direction America is going. Regardless of who you support for the Republican presidential candidate, these blatant neo-Marxist tactics by the current administration and its agencies must be stopped. And remember, in one year we will have an election that may well decide the fate of our country.

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