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Defusing the Aging Process - Part 2

Guest: Dr. Kenneth Cooper

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September 15, 2021

Texas Battles Biden Administration on Abortion

On September 1, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to block the Texas Heartbeat Act, thereby allowing the law to go into effect. This life-saving legislation ensures that if a heartbeat is detected in a pre-born baby, that child is protected in the state of Texas.

A Texas court has since acted to block the law while its constitutionality is litigated in the lower courts. The Biden administration has responded by labeling the Heartbeat Act an "unprecedented assault on a woman's constitutional rights," and by calling for a federal law "codifying Roe," guaranteeing the continued destruction of innocent life across the country.

In a briefing on September 1, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that "the President's focus is to reiterate our deep commitment [to abortion]". The administration wasted little time following through on this threat. The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit on September 9, arguing that the Texas Heartbeat Act is "clearly unconstitutional."

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had this to say about the DOJ's lawsuit:

"Today the Biden administration sued every individual in Texas. Biden should focus on fixing the border crisis, Afghanistan, the economy and countless other disasters instead of meddling in state's sovereign rights. I will use every available resource to fight for life."

Just days after the Heartbeat Act went into effect, Dr. James Dobson sat down for a conversation with Janet Porter, who has long been regarded as the architect of heartbeat bills. Listen to this powerful radio broadcast.

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February 23, 2024

LGBTQ Advocates the Desecration of Iconic Cathedral

America's churches are increasingly targets of violence and desecration from radical LGBTQ fanatics. Sadly, elected officials, particularly on the left, have been silent or slow to condemn the disturbing and unacceptable trend.

February 21, 2024

Who’s Killing Nigerian Christians?

The European Parliament has passed a resolution condemning the mass killing of Christians and the burning of churches in Nigeria. Better late than never. Much of Europe has said virtually nothing about the growing persecution of Christians in Nigeria, just as the Biden administration can't find its voice either.

February 19, 2024

Planned Parenthood Attacks Virginity

Planned Parenthood recently released a video aimed at our kids called, "What is Virginity?" An apparent "teacher" begins, "Virginity. What is it, and what's the big deal about losing it? Let me cut to the chase. Virginity is a completely made-up concept. It's a term that was created simply to control and shame people—mainly women. Mmm."