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April 12, 2023

Tuberville Fights Pro-Abortion Pentagon

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville is sick and tired of watching the Pentagon be "fundamentally transformed" by the woke policies of the Biden administration's political appointees.

Under President Biden's orders, the Pentagon, funded by our tax dollars, has become a partner with Planned Parenthood. It's been transformed into an "abortion travel agency" by an administration obsessed with ensuring as many abortions as possible.

Pro-life senators are seething. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) has introduced legislation to stop the Defense Department from paying the travel expenses of military personnel based in pro-life states who are seeking elective abortions in pro-abortion states. But it will be difficult to get such legislation passed in the Senate.

In the meantime, Senator Tuberville is doing something else. He is using the power that all senators have to put holds on nominations and military promotions. Specifically, he is holding up more than 180 officer promotions until the Biden Defense Department reverses course on its pro-abortion travel policies.

During an impassioned speech on the Senate floor this week, Sen. Tuberville said:

"This morning, I received an email from a soldier's mom in Alabama. She said her son has had to pay thousands of dollars out of his own pocket to buy uniforms and bedsheets. She said, 'It is absurd to force taxpayers to pay for travel for abortions while our troops are paying out of pocket for their uniforms.'

"She's exactly right, and that's what this is all about. . . This is about taxpayer-funded [abortions]. . . There has been bipartisan consensus for 40 years. Yet all of a sudden, Democrats are saying the military can't win wars without expanded abortion. It doesn't make sense. . . The idea that more abortion makes our troops safer and more lethal is absurd."

JDFI applauds Senator Tommy Tuberville for strongly standing firm in defense of the sanctity of life.

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